Deluxe Slots - Novomatic Collection

Before to start speaking about deluxe slot games it is necessary to mention that since Novomatic company had started its business in 1980 it developed nearly 600 games for online and real-based casino industry and until now never ceases to please players with new products. However, among them there are slot games that due to certain reasons gained incredible world-wide popularity and were subsequently released in new versions.

What are they - Novomatic deluxe slots? Titles as following appear in mind at once:

All these deluxe slot games were resurrected by magic touch of Novomatic engineers who made some minor gameplay changes and added couple of new lucrative features bringing them to life for the second time.

On this page we provide the most favoured deluxe games which you can test for free playing demo mode. In case you want to gamble for money, choose one of our recommended Novomatic casinos such as Quasar Gaming or MyBet where all these slots are presented as well.

Deluxe Slot Machines Vs Original Classics

The first logical question that frequently rises in players minds is about difference between original and new slots versions. As we can see on examples of slots listed above, software programmers don`t contribute loads of new elements in improved variants but alters the following ones:

Although changes made in deluxe online slots are not significant, they are enough to help enjoying fresh gameplay of beloved classics. Besides, is there any need to transform bestsellers beyond recognition? We guess, no, because if they are popular to such a huge degree, they are already not far from perfect.

So, choosing Book Of Ra from our list of deluxe slots be ready to find 10 paylines instead of 9 while Sizzling Hot Novomatic fruit machine acquires 5 reels instead of 3 as well as high loading speed.